Save Scottish Seas Campaign

This is a major campaign supported by SWT, the Marine Conservation Society, the National Trust, RSPB, and WWF. So far the campaign has resulted in the designation of 30 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around Scotland’s coasts. The next phase, up for public consultation until January, is to decide how these MPAs will be managed. The most damaging practices affecting the marine environment are fishing by trawling and dredging. I have been a scuba diver in Scotland for 28 years and have seen the results – imagine a bulldozer working over your favourite wildlife reserve – that is what trawling and dredging does to the marine environment but of course almost no one including fishermen, sees the damage. Experience in England shows that unless the conservation bodies strongly resist the fishing lobby, these damaging practices will continue in MPAs so the ‘protection’ will be meaningless.

Please take time to look at the Save Scottish Seas website and sign up to the campaign. Even better would be to email/write to your MSP.

Thank you,

Gordon Swann ,   Secretary SWT Lothian Group.