22nd & 23rd January Collections

Dear Volunteers
I am delighted to report that 22nd & 23rd January collections at Tesco Colinton brought in the grand total of £857.38.  The Friday was such a filthy day not surprisingly there were fewer shoppers and donations less (£388.92).  However the following day was so much milder that there was almost £80 more (£468.46).  A few membership leaflets were given out and the hand puppets certainly entertained many of the shoppers besides children.  A very worthwhile couple of days.
A big thank you to those who gave up a couple of hours to raise much needed funds which help sponsor the lecture programme and help with management on local nature reserves such as Bawsinch and Petershill, Bathgate.
I hope to receive a couple more dates from Tesco HQ and elsewhere and will be in touch again.
Meantime we have held 11 days in this financial year and raised £4641.96, a marginal average drop from last year.
Again many thanks, warm regards and all the best for 2016
Averil Stewart

Latest on Can Collections

Two days 26/27 June raised the goodly sum of £909.64 at Sainsbury’s Cameron Toll. This will help buy brush-cutting equipment for the management of reserves. Funds will be needed to support the lecture programme and other activities in 2016 so more volunteers are sought. A 2-hour stint in a superstore near you need not be too onerous so please let Averil know if you would like to join the willing band of SWT enthusiasts. Perhaps more important is the search for someone to work alongside Averil over the next year, prior to her retiring in her mid-seventies! This too need not be too onerous. If interested in knowing more, please give her a ring: 01506 842676

Thank you to our volunteers

Recent collections raised the following:
2015-16 29 May 15 Tesco Bathgate  £446.40
30 May 15  £434.12  £880.52
26 Jun 15 Sainsburys Cameron Toll  £470.12
27 Jun 15  £438.47  £908.59
Eight days this financial year have brought in £3311.62. This money helps subsidise the local lecture programme and events as well as with the management of local SWT reserves in the Lothians.
The next can collection will be held on on Friday 18 September from 10-6pm at Tesco Superstore, Bonnyrigg Road, Dalkeith  EH22 3PP
If interested in volunteering for a 2-hour stint please contact Averil Stewart 01506 842676


Fund-raising through can collections since April 2015 has brought in the following:

2015-16 24 Apr 15 Sainsbury Meadowbank  £360.96
25 Apr 15  £357.87  £718.83
8 May 15 Tesco Broughton Rd  £408.81
9 May 15  £395.12  £803.93

Many thanks to volunteers who participate in the 2-hour stints. And to customers who increasingly give generously.  Contrary to belief, only 1% of collections are made up of coppers.  Our presence in supermarkets is also a good way of raising awareness of the work of the Scottish Wildlife Trust and often saying ‘Hello’ to members.

Our next collections are as follows:
29th & 30th May, Tesco Bathgate
26th & 27th June, Sainsbury Cameron Toll

VOLUNTEERS are needed so if you are willing to do a slot of 2-hours in a venue near you please contact Averil Stewart 01506 842676.  It can be quite fun being on duty with another like-minded enthusiast for Scotland Wildlife.  The money is critical to the management of our local wildlife reserves and to subsidising the lecture programme plus making a contribution to SWT HQ.

Averil Stewart

Thank You

Thanks to our volunteers for their recent sterling efforts raising an impressive total of £1,595.51 over 3 days of can collecting in April at Tesco Bathgate and Sainsbury’s Cameron Toll.

If anyone out there could volunteer 2 hours at one of our future can collecting dates please get in touch with Averil Stewart ( 01506 842676 or  gaveril.stewart@virgin.net)

Next days for collecting are:

Saturday Sept 6th 10-6 at Tesco, Linlithgow

Saturday Sept 20th 10-6 at Asda, Straiton

Friday Oct 17th 10-4 at Sainsbury’s, Linlithgow

Volunteers needed for the 25/26th April – can you help?

We are now looking for volunteers for 2014 for the following slots:

Thurs 25th and Fri 26th April at Sainsbury’s, Cameron Toll, Edinburgh 10 – 12, 12 – 2, 2 – 4, 4 – 6. Volunteers are needed for all four of the two hour slots.  Please would you let Averil Stewart ( 01506 842676 or  gaveril.stewart@virgin.netknow if you can help and your preferred slot by 5th April.

These collections are a vital component of the fund raising and help with management of SWT reserves in the Lothians.  They also help support our lecture programme and publication of Lothian Talk. However, it is interesting to note the variations in money raised over the past few years and not surprisingly it has been dropping.  Eight days in 2004 brought in almost £4K (average of just under £500 a day) whereas last year over 9 days we raised £3223 giving average of £358.  Conclusion: it is not only getting difficult to get days since we are in competition with lots of other charities, but we have to work harder when given the opportunity.

How can we be more focused?
Where possible the new pull-up banner will be used to help reinforce our presence.  Catching the eye of shoppers, and being conspicuous are important as is standing apart in order to cast the net wider!  Not all outlets make the job easy, especially if we are expected to stand in a corner tucked away.  Sometimes it is possible to request permission to stand elsewhere, especially if the foyer is particularly cold and if it could be more advantageous to our cause to be inside.  This is a clarion call please to help maximise our chances in bringing in much needed cash and trying to improve on this past year’s takings.

SWT can provide smart micro fleeces bearing SWT logo and text. They certainly help to reinforce what we are representing and especially in this SWT’s 50th Year.  If you are a regular volunteer, or plan to become so and hence would like to have one, please contact Averil ASAP.

Lothian Members Centre and, hence, SWT is indebted to all of our volunteers for their willing contribution.