Fund-raising through can collections since April 2015 has brought in the following:

2015-16 24 Apr 15 Sainsbury Meadowbank  £360.96
25 Apr 15  £357.87  £718.83
8 May 15 Tesco Broughton Rd  £408.81
9 May 15  £395.12  £803.93

Many thanks to volunteers who participate in the 2-hour stints. And to customers who increasingly give generously.  Contrary to belief, only 1% of collections are made up of coppers.  Our presence in supermarkets is also a good way of raising awareness of the work of the Scottish Wildlife Trust and often saying ‘Hello’ to members.

Our next collections are as follows:
29th & 30th May, Tesco Bathgate
26th & 27th June, Sainsbury Cameron Toll

VOLUNTEERS are needed so if you are willing to do a slot of 2-hours in a venue near you please contact Averil Stewart 01506 842676.  It can be quite fun being on duty with another like-minded enthusiast for Scotland Wildlife.  The money is critical to the management of our local wildlife reserves and to subsidising the lecture programme plus making a contribution to SWT HQ.

Averil Stewart

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